Effort to make every election year a 'year of the woman'

NOW: Effort to make every election year a ’year of the woman’

(MILWAUKEE) - Raniyah Edwards is a name you’ll want to remember. The Milwaukee Public Schools student is part of a new wave of young women entering politics, though at just 13 years old her plans are currently longer than her experience.

But she’s not alone. In 2018 more women sought offices in the U.S. House of Representative, U.S. Senate and state legislature than any other year in history and next year is shaping up to be no different. Aiding in the trend are new efforts to encourage women to run for political office, including several efforts in Wisconsin.

On CBS 58 Sunday Morning, student photojournalists Rachel Bandy, Margaret Cannon and Yihan Xia shared Raniyah’s story as they followed these new efforts to put more women into higher office.

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