'Hard to believe': Tragic end in search for missing mother from Milwaukee

’Hard to believe’: Tragic end in search for missing mother from Milwaukee

ST. FRANCIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The search for 23-year-old Emily Rogers came to a tragic end. The mother missing from Milwaukee was found dead in a small industrial area in St. Francis. Her body was found behind a vacant building. People in a nearby neighborhood are still processing the news. 

Investigators returned to the scene of where she was found Friday to look for surveillance video. 

"It's just a little hard to believe that it was right behind us," Robert Robb, who lives nearby. 

Rogers was last seen the afternoon of April 26. Police sent out a missing person alert on Sunday, May 1. She had already been missing for five days.

Rogers' family came from Texas Monday, hoping to get more answers. It prompted the community to step in to look for her. 

Police say her disappearance was not voluntary and she may be a victim of foul play. 

"You can see the coroner's vehicle and at that we knew someone had passed away," said Robb. "We were watching the whole show from the window. It was kind of bizarre with how many were out there." 

Rogers leaves behind a young daughter.

Her family says the father of the child was taken into police custody. MPD has not confirmed his arrest. 

Police did say multiple people are in custody in connection to the death of Rogers. They have not released names. 

Charges are expected in the next few days. 

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