Heated field coming to Camp Randall for 2024

NOW: Heated field coming to Camp Randall for 2024

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Another stadium improvement project just started, this one in Madison. 

They're tearing up the old turf at Camp Randall Stadium, home of the Wisconsin Badgers football team. 

They'll replace it with a multi-million-dollar field with a heating system underneath it. 

The university is getting ready for possible postseason home games in December's cold and snow.

"With the new college playoff, there's definitely the potential of having home games later in the year...we've had plenty of games where we've played in snow in November during the regular season. And so those late-season games can be pretty cold, and the field can become icy and hard and kind of slick," said Jason King, UW senior associate athletic director. 

Replacing the football field will cost about $5 million. 

The new field will look just like the old one. 

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