Holistic wellness space in Walker's Point to offer crystal grid making workshop

NOW: Holistic wellness space in Walker’s Point to offer crystal grid making workshop

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Blue Butterfly Holistic in Walker's Point is hosting a crystal grid making class on Wednesday, Jan. 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. For people who want to make sure 2024 is a gem of a year, you can learn about the use of crystals to harness positivity. 

"Crystals have their own energetic vibration as well as the human body," said Laquesia Ivory, owner of Blue Butterfly Holistic. "So, we can use crystals to entrain with the vibration of the human body, to heal your body, mind ... your physical body as well as your spiritual body." 

Whether you want to speak peace, passion or positivity into your life this year, Ivory says using a crystal grid can help it all become attainable. The workshop ends with a meditation.

Tickets are available HERE for the event.

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