'I never hung up': Family describes last moments of teen killed at Milwaukee Burger King

’I never hung up’: Family describes last moments of teen killed at Milwaukee Burger King

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police are still searching for the person who shot and killed a 16-year-old girl. Niesha Harris Brazell was murdered at Burger King on 51st and Capitol Sunday, Jan 2. 

"I hear my niece say, 'I'm finna die, I'm finna die.' I said 'teetee baby, no you not.' I said 'tee tee, hang on.'"

Brazell's aunt, Tashe Lane, remembers the last words she heard her niece say.

"I never hung up. I can hear them in the back of the ambulance truck doing whatever they were doing to Niesha."

Milwaukee police say someone tried to rob the Burger King. Brazell was working the drive-thru that night when she was shot twice.

"She was only supposed to be there until 9 though, but they kept scheduling her to 11. She was scared every night. Shouldn't no child be scared to work there," Whitley Belts said.

"I knew she wasn't going make it through that, after they said where she got shot at. Like I didn't have no faith in it," Laniya Hughes said. She is Brazell's cousin.  

Police released photos of the suspect in hopes the public can help track him down. 

"Whoever it is, they better get him before we do, most high please," Kenya Lane said. 

"This is a child, man, a child. Y'all taking kids away, kids that we thought suppose to be burying us. This ain't nothing to play with. This hurt, man," Belts went on to say. 

The Burger King parking lot was filled with family and friends Monday night, Jan. 3. A vigil was held for Brazell. They remember her as a bright and bubbly 16-year-old.

"She was always active and happy," Hughes said. 

Brazell was a go-getter and would do any and everything for her family.

"We were raising her to be a respectable young lady who was about her money, she had so many dreams," Lane said. 

The Burger King sits empty and so does Brazell's family.

I want my niece back, nobody understands. I want my niece back, that’s it. If all the tears that we drop can bring her back, give it to us."

The family says people in the community have been reaching out to them with information. However, they say there is not much conversation between them and the company.

If you have any information about this case, they are begging you to call police.

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