'I saw the second floor walls cave right in': Model Market in Kenosha goes up in flames

NOW: ’I saw the second floor walls cave right in’: Model Market in Kenosha goes up in flames

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A fire in Kenosha left one man jobless and without a place to stay. The Model Market on 24th Avenue and 54th Street burned down Wednesday, Jan. 5.

"I seen the windows pop and the flames come out," Georg Matick. He lives across the street from the store. "There was so much smoke that I couldn't even see out of my window there, it was total darkness." 

The Model Market is a total loss and people are wondering what's next.

"I saw the second floor walls cave right in," Matick said. 

Matick was buying a Powerball ticket before the market went up in flames. 

"It's heartbreaking because I go there to get small things," said Matick. 

"The first door right here, my apartment would be upstairs on the right-hand side," Antonio Jaramillo said. 

Jaramillo worked at the store as the lead butcher. He also lived upstairs. 

"This is how I supported my kids, myself. I barely made ends meet, but I made them." 

Jaramillo says he has nothing but the clothes on his back and the shoes on his feet.

"This all I grabbed. This all I got. I wasn't able to grab anything else. Everything was in there," said Jaramillo.

Arnetta Griffin runs God's Kitchen of Kenosha. She feeds the less fortunate. Griffin worked closely with the owner and employees at the market. 

"They store my food there in the freezer. They had a little area just for God's Kitchen of Kenosha." 

Griffin is pressing forward. She believes the community will pull through.

"It's going to be a rebuild because when God closes one door, he's going to open up a huge door." 

Fire officials say there were multiple families who lived above the Model Market. 

The cause of fire is still under investigation. 

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