'It's cool to see their faces': Brewers' Peralta, Adames surprise fans with free groceries

NOW: ’It’s cool to see their faces’: Brewers’ Peralta, Adames surprise fans with free groceries

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Fresh off a big series win against the Houston Astros, Brewers pitcher Freddy Peralta and shortstop Willy Adames surprised some unsuspecting fans and shoppers at the Festival Foods in West Allis on Thursday, bagging and paying for groceries.

"They're (shoppers) not expecting to see us," said Adames. "It's always cool to interact with them."

Not only was it fun for Adames to interact with the fans, he and his fastball-throwing teammate had the chance to look back on fond memories of growing up.

"My dad had like a small grocery store," Adames explained. "We didn't have any of this (checkouts)."

"Reminds me of a lot of things," Peralta said. "I remember my dad had a, not a super market but like a mini market. I remember when I was growing up, I was doing all this, and it comes to my mind. Reminds me of home."

Peralta joked that facing the Cardinals' batting order is 'way harder' than bagging groceries.

When it comes to comparing the task and hitting a 95 mile-per-hour fastball, Adames wasn't as confident.

"It depends how big is the cart," Adames said. "Sometimes, you got to rush it and they be waiting for you looking like 'Hey, you're too slow."

The event Thursday was part of the Brewers' #KindnessMKE initiative.

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