Jaime Camil chats with CBS 58 about hosting new show 'Loteria Loca'

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) – CBS has recently launched a new game show called Lotería Loca! It's the traditional game lotería, with over 400-year-old origins from Mexico, but with new surprises! It is hosted by actor Jaime Camil, who is also the executive producer.

Camil is known for his work in films and series such as Jane the Virgin, Coco, Zapata - El sueño del héroe, El Rey, Vicente Fernández, and many more.

It was more than two years in the making before Lotería Loca could make it to CBS, because they were "looking for the right home," says Camil.

"We are not only breaking the mold, but violently breaking the mold of what people in America expect from a game show. We're obviously bringing our culture from Mexico and Latin American culture to American prime time... it's a show designed for the general CBS market with these elements of our Latino heritage, our Latin heritage. Our people will be very proud to see it on CBS.”

Inspired by Lotería, the traditional Latin bingo game, each high-octane episode features two players facing off and taking turns picking cards to get three in a row, which wins the "Lotería." Host Jaime Camil guides the contestants through the game of chance while percussionist and leader of the show's band, Sheila E., provides vibrant music to play along to. Every time a chip appears on their unique lottery card, they win big money. Landing on one of the "Loca Cards" creates a twist in the game and gives players the opportunity to accumulate even more money by competing in wild, interactive challenges. The player who gets the most " Loterías" on their card the fastest, moves on to the dramatic final round for a chance to win the ultimate prize of $1 million.

During the show, you will notice that Camil speaks mainly in English, but you will hear some Spanish as well.

"As an immigrant in this country, we speak in an organic language in Spanish and English... it's just like a normal immigrant; we live this life in the country. It is a very natural translation to say 'la sirena, the mermaid!'"

The set design also plays an important role in the program. Camil says he and his team worked hard to make sure it didn't look like a caricature or a stereotype of Mexico. Camil said, "It was important to say that the set can't be a Señor Frogs waiting room in Cancun."

Instead, Camil said it was inspired by the pueblos mágicos, or magical towns in Mexico, similar to the world of Coco, in which the actor also starred.

Don't forget to watch Lotería Loca every Monday at 8 p.m. on CBS 58.

You can watch Jaime's full interview in Spanish, which aired on our sister station Telemundo Wisconsin, here:

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