Jason Cleereman's widow testifies about the moment Theodore Edgecomb shot her husband

NOW: Jason Cleereman’s widow testifies about the moment Theodore Edgecomb shot her husband

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The first week of the Theodore Edgecomb trial wrapped up with testimony from the victim's wife.

Edgecomb is accused of killing Milwaukee immigration attorney Jason Cleereman during a road rage incident. Edgecomb says it was self-defense.

Evanjelina Cleereman, Jason's wife, was just feet away when her husband was shot and killed. Thursday, a witness testified that Cleereman's wife was calm after the shooting and didn't call 911. There is also video that shows her take something from the body. On the stand, she explained why.

"I saw was this man's eyes and the gun and then I knew he was going to shoot my husband," Evanjelina testified.

Evanjelina testified it all it started when Edgecomb rode his bike into the rode. She swerved to avoid him and Jason Cleereman yelled at the biker, 'What the heck?'

Though video from that night shows she told officers he yelled, "What the [expletive]."

A few seconds later, Edgecomb punched Jason through the window and rode away.

"As I was driving straight, Jason said 'turn the corner, I want to talk to him,'" Evanjelina said.

Video shows Jason gets out of the car, goes toward Edgecomb and is shot. Evanjelina says she went into shock and couldn’t dial 911, but did call family and friends.

She testified she couldn't even cry. Body camera footage from that night shows her asking an officer, "How come I'm not crying?"

The officer responds, "Because you're probably in shock."

Evanjelina told jurors her husband was unarmed and she never touched the knife found in her husband's pocket. Video does show Evanjelina go to the body and take something, she says it was his wallet.

"I couldn't hold him, so I grabbed his wallet because I wanted to hold something," she said. "I wanted to hold it."

Friday afternoon, the defense questioned a police sergeant who was on scene, if he can say for sure no one tampered with the knife, especially if Evanjelina admits she did take something from the body.

"You don't know if there was other items, like other weapons that could've been removed from that crime scene, correct?" Defense attorney B'Ivory LaMarr asked Sgt. Michael Tanem.

"Correct," Sgt. Tanem replied.

"So it's possible that someone other than Jason Cleereman could've touched that knife, correct?" LaMarr asked.

"Yes," Sgt. Tanem said.

The state has called a total of 15 witnesses so far. They have four or five more. Then the defense will present its case.

The judge hopes the jury will get the case Tuesday.

On Friday, one juror was dismissed because of a death in the family. There are 13 jurors left, 12 will deliberate, one is an alternate.

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