Kicking it with a cop for a bigger cause

NOW: Kicking it with a cop for a bigger cause

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) -- Milwaukee police officers are fostering a better relationship with kids and schools in the community. Elementary school students cheered their teachers on as staff members took on MPD officers in a game of kickball Friday afternoon, June 3.

"We thought it would be a fun idea to do something kind of old school. A kickball game that everyone has played growing up. Everybody just getting together, having fun," said MPD District 4 Captain Jesus Ortiz.

Milwaukee police picked Rocketship Transformation Prep as their partner school for 2022. Officers also took part in a book giveaway and hosted "stranger danger" presentations.

"It’s very important for us to partner with District 4 and make sure our students feel supported and safe," Rocketship Transformation Prep Assistant Principal Mia Harvey said.

Captain Jesus Ortiz says the collaboration is crucial. It's the only way they can build trust with the community.

"We can't do our job and what we do without those relationships," Captain Ortiz said.

Children are also able to see police officers through a different lens.

"Especially our Black and brown kids, we want to make sure they are running to the police instead of away," Harvey said.

It's teamwork behind the scenes and on the field. Plus, students ended the school year excited and grateful.

"Today was super awesome," Timir Reddick said. He's in 2nd grade. 

"It's very fun, I can't wait to do it again," said Janilla Jones, student.

After the game, officers poured water on Captain Ortiz for fun.

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