#KindnessInMilwaukee: Brewers pitcher Brandon Woodruff surprises 5th grade 'Grand Slam' teacher

NOW: #KindnessInMilwaukee: Brewers pitcher Brandon Woodruff surprises 5th grade ’Grand Slam’ teacher

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Brewers are spreading kindness all week with their seventh annual #KindnessInMKE initiative. 

To kick things off, pitcher Brandon Woodruff made a stop at Benjamin Franklin School on Milwaukee's north side to surprise the "Grand Slam Teacher of the Month." 

The teacher selected is nominated by students and staff for their hard work. 

This month's winner was 5th grade teacher Ann Eubanks, who received a plaque and custom jewelry. 

"I love it when I walk through the day -- some days I'm tired, some days I'm not -- but when I see all your faces, my kids, my little ones, it makes me happy," said Eubanks. 

As a token of appreciation, all the teachers at the school received a free Brewers ticket and gift card. 

The Brewers will be doing acts of kindness throughout the Milwaukee area for the rest of the week. 

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