Latest crash near West National and South 86th has West Allis neighbors fed up

NOW: Latest crash near West National and South 86th has West Allis neighbors fed up

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Neighbors in West Allis are saying enough is enough after another crash at a dangerous curve near West National and South 86th Street, where a car plowed through one person's front porch.

"It was a woman and I guess she might have slid into the curve real fast and crashed into my neighbor's front porch," said mother, Giselle Ruiz.

She says while typically she wakes up when it happens, maybe she's getting used to it.

"I usually do hear every time there's crashes around my house, but last night I didn't," said Ruiz.

This car lost control around the corner, smashing into her neighbor's front porch.

She says it's a common occurrence.

"I would probably say, like, once in two months, especially on the weekends," said Ruiz.

While another neighbor has had their front porch crashed into multiple times, it isn't always just their homes.

"It has always been drunk drivers across the street. There's a fire hydrant, that one's been blown away like three times since I've been here," said Ruiz. "The sign in front of my house is a really big laundromat sign, that one has been crashed like twice."

She put up security cameras.

"I have kids, so I have to protect my kids," said Ruiz.

While she thinks maybe more police presence could help, she says the problem is the blind turn.

"So maybe a stop sign would work," said Ruiz.

CBS 58 News reached out to West Allis police about the incident but haven't heard back on specific details about what happened.

In the security footage, you can see West Allis Fire and EMS responding as well.

Ruiz says there is one way everyone can help to stop the problem, however.

"No drinking and driving," said Ruiz.

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