Local companies partnering to sell purified water in cans to benefit the Menomonee River

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Two local companies are collaborating to help solve two problems: the millions of plastic bottles that are improperly disposed of as landfill fodder or litter, as well as ensuring that the funding needed to support sustainability efforts for the Menomonee River is raised.

Beer Capitol Distributing Company and City Lights Brewing Company issued a press release on Wednesday, Oct. 19 to note that they have partnered to launch Purified Drinking Water that is served in cans. The aim is to offer an environmentally friendly, sustainable and more-responsible alternative to plastic water bottles.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to Menomonee Valley Partners to help support their environmental stewardship of the river.

Not only will canned Purified Drinking Water seek to offer environmental advantages, the President of City Lights Brewing Company believes there are other advantages. Robin Gohsman said, "Milwaukee has the reputation for brewing the best beer available and a big part of that is the quality of Milwaukee’s water. We take that already-great Milwaukee water and purify it through a carbon filtration process to make it even better."

Corey Zetts, Executive Director of Menomonee Valley Partners noted that the proceeds raised by the canned water will directly support their environmental efforts, including developing riverfront land and creating improved access for people to access and enjoy the Menomonee River.

More information can be found by visiting the following resources: Beer Capitol Distrbuting Company, Menomonee Valley Partners and City Lights Brewing Company.

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