Local expert offers tips for training new puppies 🐾

NOW: Local expert offers tips for training new puppies 🐾


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Whether recently adopted from a shelter or given to the family as a gift during the holidays, many folks in Milwaukee are realizing that having a new pup in the household offers many new challenges and opportunities for training.

Mary Stallmann, a local dog expert and owner of Dog Training Elite joined us on Monday, Jan. 23 to discuss the aforementioned situations and some at-home tips to get started in the training process.

For example, one of the most difficult hurdles new dog owners encounter is housebreaking, but using simple scheduling, treats and verbal encouragement may be just the ticket for having a well-housebroken puppy.

Also, hoping to teach tricks right away? There are methods to help a puppy realize how to learn the first beginner trick that most learn: "sit." Using treats to reward simple movements can have a puppy sitting on command.

Stallman shared more during her interview.

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