MADACC unveils new tool to help owners missing pets and finders of lost animals

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC) announced the addition of a website database Tuesday, aimed at helping reunite owners and lost pets.

The organization says there will now be a place on their website where owners can post photos and descriptions of missing pets, and a space where people who find a lost animal can share photos and information without making a trip to the MADACC facility.

They say users will have the ability to contact each other directly through the app, potentially avoiding a trip to the shelter for both humans and animals.

The resource is free to use, and MADACC says they hope it will help get animals home, where they belong.

“For years, finders of animals have been resistant to bringing found animals into MADACC for a variety of reasons. Ranging from being fearful of the animal being euthanized for time and space, no longer an issue at MADACC, to wanting to save an owner reclaim fees and even feeling they are or could find a better home for an animal,” said Karen Sparapani, executive director of MADACC. “MADACC regularly sees finders keeping and rehoming animals thinking they can legally do a stray hold. They will post the animal on social media, but that does not guarantee an owner will see it. Then, we will get an owner looking for an animal daily and it is heartbreaking. They do not know if the animal is deceased, stolen, injured or what. Our number one priority is getting animals home where they belong. With no judgement. It is the right thing to do and what any one of us would want.”

MADACC stresses that this tool will not replace the legal stray hold for animals found in Milwaukee County.

"Animal control facilities across the country are full and the busy summer season has not yet started," said Community Engagement Coordinator Kate Hartlund. "Private shelters are also full but able to practice 'managed intake' with waiting lists to match animal care capacity with resources available. Animal control facilities, like MADACC, are unable to turn away stray animals. Any assistance in reuniting animals with their family is welcome and honestly, the best thing for the animal. We are very concerned about maintaining our capacity for care and the population here with late winter and early spring intake numbers rivaling early summer.”

Those looking to share information about lost or found animals can fill out MADACC's Lost Animal and Found Animal reports by clicking here

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