Mayor Johnson answers hard-hitting questions from Milwaukee 4th graders

NOW: Mayor Johnson answers hard-hitting questions from Milwaukee 4th graders

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A group of fourth graders at St. Anthony Elementary School were paid a special visit on Friday, Dec. 1, from Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson.

"We got to see him in actual person and not just a little photograph or and television," said fourth grader Leilany Lin. She says she realized during the mayor's visit that her big dreams could become a reality. "Now I want to become the mayor too to help the city and be more kind to others," she said.

Students have been learning about city government and the responsibilities of the mayor. They were given the opportunity to ask questions about his job and what it's like to be in charge of the city.

"I sought to make sure that I listen, that I did better in class, that I made good choices, and I started doing that when I was in 4th grade just like you," Mayor Johnson told the students.

Fourth grader Yael Temix said he was surprised to learn about all that the mayor does. "He has a bunch of jobs," he said.

Mayor Johnson says he enjoyed his visit with the students. "They had great questions about what the mayor does, about the city budget, how the common council looks and operates," he said. 

It was Leilany's question that proved to be difficult to answer. She asked him what his favorite Milwaukee restaurant was.

 "Of all the questions today, I think that's the one that stumped me the most. I can't say. We have so many great restaurants," said Mayor Johnson.

He says it's important to make these connections with youth and expose them to potential career possibilities in the future. "These kids are our future. These kids are going to be the next workers, the next homeowners, the next entrepreneurs, and even the next mayors of Milwaukee," said Mayor Johnson.

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