Meet Blue, MUPD's new community outreach dog

NOW: Meet Blue, MUPD’s new community outreach dog

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Marquette University Police Department has a new member of the force. Blue, a German shorthair just over a year old, was sworn in Wednesday.

MUPD Chief Edith Hudson started the officially-unofficial ceremony by telling Blue to "raise your right paw." As the oath was read, it took a few treats to keep the excited dog still. At the end, a badge was attached to Blue's collar, and the newest member of MUPD was given a round of applause.

Blue will serve as a community outreach dog, which differs from a K-9 officer. According to his handler, Lieutenant James Hensley, Blue is more interested in making friends than making arrests.

"It's invaluable, he gives us an opportunity to engage with people," Hensley said. "There isn't a single day that goes by that someone doesn't say, 'Wow, just made my day being able to pet him or come visit him.'"

Chief Hudson says Blue will also be a vital addition for the officers inside the department.

"At times this can be a very stressful job," Hudson said. "I think that really does give officers an opportunity to just relax and be loved by the dog."

Blue is not Marquette University’s first community outreach dog. Nattie, a rescue from the Wisconsin Humane Society, worked for MUPD for two years before retiring in April 2020.

Blue has already introduced himself to the campus. You can see him here, spreading holiday cheer late last year.

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