Meet CBS 58's Pet of the Week: Melo, plus cold weather pet advice

NOW: Meet CBS 58’s Pet of the Week: Melo, plus cold weather pet advice


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There's a 10 lb. puppy you should meet who may be one of the most adorable pets featured as a CBS 58 Pet of the Week: Melo!

Angela Speed from the Wisconsin Humane Society joined us on Friday, Dec. 23 to introduce Melo. He's only about one year old.

He is available to meet and potentially adopt at the humane society's Milwaukee campus.

Speed also reminded all pet owners to be careful when it comes to pets in the frigid conditions taking place in Southeast Wisconsin. WHS reminds pet owners to keep animals inside, only allowing dogs enough time to relieve themselves while keeping cats indoors at all times.

Also, when bringing a dog inside, be sure to wipe off his or her legs, feet and stomach. Salt and antifreeze can kill dogs, so WHS stresses how important it is to wipe those harmful substances off before dogs have a chance to lick if off of their bodies.

Even for those who are not pet owners, be careful: be sure to beep vehicle horns several times before moving, as cats often use the hood of a car or underneath a vehicle to stay warm - a honk of the horn should alert them to run away to find shelter elsewhere.

More information about WHS can be found by visiting them online.

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