Milwaukee Municipal Court Branch 2 candidate profiles

NOW: Milwaukee Municipal Court Branch 2 candidate profiles

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We're taking a look at some down-ballot judge races you might've not had the time to check out the candidates for here in Milwaukee.

There are two municipal judge races but only branch two has two candidates on the ballot.

The municipal court deals with everyday issues like parking, traffic and ordinances.

CBS 58 talked with Senator Lena Taylor and Attorney Molly Gena who are both asking for your vote Tuesday to become the 2nd Branch Milwaukee municipal judge.

"Being a lawyer and making law has been a part of everything I've done in my career," said Senator Lena Taylor of Wisconsin's 4th Senate District.

She says she has 30 years of experience as a lawyer and 20 years as a legislator.

Senator Taylor says she still lives on the block where she grew up in Milwaukee, and even owned her own law firm at one point. She hopes to inspire others with her journey.

She says expanding night court, promoting transparency, working for restorative justice, and providing opportunity are all things she hopes to do while in office.

"We need a court that helps us to get to public safety, that helps us to move cases, but also that is a pathway, and our courts can be a pathway to change for the behavior and the standards that we want to see in our community," said Senator Taylor.

Molly Gena says she's been a civil legal aid attorney for over 15 years, representing over 1,700 clients who could not afford an attorney.

"I have dedicated my life to public service and access to justice," said Gena.

Gena says she's practiced extensively in Milwaukee municipal courts so she understands the strengths and opportunities for improvement.

If elected, Gena says she plans to tackle reckless driving, promote public safety, and hold predatory landlords more accountable.

"Not punish people just because of their inability to pay for tickets, but instead really look at the underlying behavior, look at each individual case, and the underlying behavior in the cases, and hold them accountable," said Gena.

The polls open at 7 a.m. Tuesday.

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