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Milwaukee community activist Frank Nitty arrested during George Floyd protest

NOW: Milwaukee community activist Frank Nitty arrested during George Floyd protest


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A community activist says he was injured by overly aggressive Milwaukee County Sheriff’s deputies after being arrested for taking part in a protest.

Demonstrators say they were peacefully marching through the city in their fight against police brutality and racism.

Frank Sensabaugh, known as Frank Nitty, is seen in a Facebook live video leading a George Floyd protest to the Hoan Bridge on Tuesday. It was part of the rally that started in Bay View and ended at MPD District 1.

A number of protesters continued their movement to I-794, but things escalated. In the video, deputies throw what appears to be tear gas canisters towards the crowd. One of them then charged towards Nitty taking him down.

Nitty says they beat him. He has deep cuts and bruises on his arms. 

“Every time we run into the police, I take us another direction. Every time the police agitates us, I ask them to stop," he said. "Every protester that throws a bottle, I beg them to stop. Everyone that had an altercation, these people will tell you, I stopped everything. Every single one of them. I’m staying to peacefully prove a point."

Nitty says if Mayor Tom Barrett and Police Chief Alfonso Morales believe the death of George Floyd is an injustice, they should block traffic, so protesters can march safely.

It’s not yet clear what charges Nitty is facing. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office did not return our request for comment.

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