Milwaukee extends fall leaf collection deadline due to cold weather

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee residents had until Nov. 15 to rake their leaves into the street for pick-up by the Department of Public Works, but that deadline has been extended.

Due to the anticipation of additional leaf droppage following the sudden drop in area temperatures, the Milwaukee DPW is extending the deadline to the end of Sunday, Nov. 20. The aim is to offer five more days to rake leaves, to ensure they stay out of the city's waterways and sewer system.

When collected properly, the leaves are converted to nutrient-rich compost.

In a Friday, Nov. 11 press release, the DPW offered some tips and suggestions to ensure residents can make this fall leaf collection easy and effective.

First, they recommend leaving a one-foot gap between the leaves and the curb to ensure equipment can collect as many leaves as possible without causing damage or blocking storm drains. They also suggest keeping piles away from sewer grates, storm drains and low-hanging trees. 

Yard debris other than leaves, including flowers, garden trimmings and weeds should be placed on top of leaf piles, but grass clippings, pumpkins, litter or bagged material should not be included in any capacity. Also, brush collection is a separate collection so that should not be included with leaf piles.

After the Nov. 20 deadline, leaves and yard debris should be taken to a designated drop-off center. Information about that process can be found online by clicking here.

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