Milwaukee man named finalist for Packers FAN Hall of Fame

NOW: Milwaukee man named finalist for Packers FAN Hall of Fame


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Green Bay Packers just announced the 2023 FAN Hall of Fame nominees and one of the finalists is a Milwaukee man who happens to be a Packer for life. Ryan Packer is a Packers fan through and through. 

"I was kind of known as this crazy Packer fan that's a little overly obsessed with the team," he said.

Ryan even took his wife's last name and says when he met her, he knew it was fate."I thought she was messing with me when she told me her last name, so I actually made her get out her driver's license and a credit card to prove it," he said.

Growing up in Wauwatosa, Ryan has been a Packers fan his entire life. Over the years, he's lived in New York, Chicago, even London and through it all has remained loyal to his team. "To me the team is really a reflection of the state," said Ryan.

Ryan was nominated by a friend for the Packers FAN Hall of Fame and when he got the call from Green Bay, letting him know he was a finalist, he says he couldn't believe it.

"The first reaction was shock no doubt about it, the second reaction was joy," he said. 6 of the top 10 finalists are from Wisconsin, Ryan is the only one from Milwaukee. "I'm sure everybody on there deserves to win. I'm glad to be part of it and just a tiny little piece of the team is great," said Ryan.

The next time you're at a game, don't be surprised if you run into Ryan in his lucky cheese head fedora. He wears it to every game in memory of his father, who gifted him the hat years ago.

"He passed away suddenly a couple months later so this is special...sort of him accepting my ridiculous Packer fanhood...he comes with me every game," he said.

If he wins, Ryan will be the 25th member of the Packers FAN Hall of Fame. Voting is open online, and the winner will be selected by fans and the Packers' selection committee.

The deadline is January 31st, and the winner will be announced in late winter 2023.


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