'Seems like they're lying to customers': Milwaukee Water Works warns of 'aggressive' solicitors; company responds

NOW: ’Seems like they’re lying to customers’: Milwaukee Water Works warns of ’aggressive’ solicitors; company responds


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Water Works said they've receives over a dozen calls from concerned residents about solicitors aggressively trying to get into their homes and test their water.

Milwaukee Water Works said they have no affiliation or connection to these solicitors.

"Postcards were sent to some of our customers, and this company started making attempts to access entry into residences," said Milwaukee Water Works Superintendent Patrick Pauly.

Pauly said the postcards are from a company called C&P Clear Water. Allegedly, those postcards showed up in some south side residents' mailboxes a couple of days before those "aggressive" solicitors showed up on their doorsteps.

"The people have been telling the residents that their neighbors have complained about water quality and so they would like to verify inside this residence, the water quality concern," said Pauly.

He said four out of the dozens of concerned calls that were made were from elderly folks. One was the mother of Adrian Wencka Jr., a water plant system manager at Milwaukee Water Works.

"I think the aggressive part is saying that there's a water quality issue," said Wencka, adding, "It seems like they're lying to customers just to get them to come in and do whatever they're going to do."

Owner Cesar Gutierrez of C&P Clear Water said those are his postcards, but not his employees. He said his staff members do not door knock unless an appointment is set.

"It has to be another company. We don't go knocking and say, 'Hi, good evening, the neighbors say.' We go over when an appointment is done," said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez said he is willing to talk with the city to get to the bottom of this concern.

Milwaukee Water Works advises folks to stay vigilant and to call 414-286-2585 with any questions.

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