MKE Influencers: Nate Vomhof, man behind the lens of stunning images of Milwaukee

MKE Influencers: Nate Vomhof, man behind the lens of stunning images of Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- Nate Vomhof is a hometown influencer who has turned one of his passions into a large social media following.

He's the man behind some of the most stunning images capturing the most beautiful parts of Milwaukee. "The city is always changing. There are always events going on. There's always something happening and with that it's fun to capture that," he said.

His passion for photography has grown over the years, although it's not his normal day job. Full time, Nate is a pharmacist, but he still makes time for photography. His work has led to more than 20,000 Instagram followers and counting.

"The fact that people are excited to share the photos of our city is huge," he said. While it wasn't the goal, the popularity he's gained has led to more opportunities for him to share his work with a wider audience. Nate loves to capture the city's architecture and enjoys projects that give him the chance to do so.

He likes to go down to the Coakley Brothers water tower, Fiserv Forum, American Family Field, and his favorite location is Milwaukee's lakefront. "Once in a while I'll get lucky with the wings up on the art museum," he said.

Nate says hopes that through his creativity, his thousands of followers will grow a greater appreciation for all that Milwaukee has to offer.

"I want people to realize that Milwaukee is a beautiful city. I know that there's so much crap that happens around the city that makes you a little sad, a little depressed but at the end of the day it is a beautiful place to live, and I think people should be proud to call this place home," he said.

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