MKE Influencers: The sisters behind Expecting and Empowered

MKE Influencers: The sisters behind Expecting and Empowered

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- With more than 300,000 followers on social media, two sisters from Pewaukee have built a career along with a community.

Krystle Howald and Amy Keifer are the sisters behind Expecting and Empowered.

When they found themselves navigating their first pregnancies at the same time, they began to share their experiences online and the result has taken them both into unexpected places.

Expecting and Empowered is a pregnancy and postpartum fitness app for moms.

"What happens with most moms is you give birth and then you get one appointment with your physician and then you're kind of just on your own," said Krystle Howald, physical therapist & co-owner of Expecting and Empowered.

Krystle says the app was Amy's idea.

"Basically, we've both been in fitness our entire life and she was seeing a lot of friends asking what you should do when you're pregnant and postpartum, and even on social media, all the responses were things that you really shouldn't be doing," Krystle said.

Their app gives step-by-step workouts across a variety of categories and the sisters say those same great tips translate over to “the gram.”

"On our Instagram we are constantly just giving out free information that is super helpful to moms, whether it's bathroom tips or exercise tips," said Amy.

The Expecting and Empowered mom tribe is still growing, and now they put out daily content to help moms.

"Krystle is the very creative one. She's always funny. She is keeping her education light and digestible. I think that's what people need," Amy said.

The sisters say pregnancy and postpartum are predictable, so they try to create content that will help minimize issues moms may face. Most of the content they create comes from experience.

The sisters say what they’ve built goes beyond their wildest dreams and they’ve already seen the impact.

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