Mountain Dew releases exclusive Baja Blast Hot Sauce

Mountain Dew Baja Blast has long been a fan favorite beverage, it's even a popular frozen drink at Taco Bell. Now, the brand is turning up the heat on the cool drink and making it into a hot sauce.

It's in celebration of National Hot Sauce Day, Jan. 22. 

Mountain Dew teamed up with Houston-based sauce shop, "I-BURN" to create Baja Blast Hot Sauce. 

It takes the soda's fruity, tropical flavor and adds a blast of heat from habanero and jalapeno peppers -- as well as green chiles. 

Here's the catch: they only made 750 bottles of the Baja Blast Hot Sauce. But they're giving some away! 

If you'd like the chance to win your bottle, CLICK HERE to complete the entry form, and name four dishes you'd use Baja Blast hot sauce for. 

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