Natalie's Everyday Heroes: Milwaukee Rock, Paper, Scissors League at Company Brewing

NOW: Natalie’s Everyday Heroes: Milwaukee Rock, Paper, Scissors League at Company Brewing

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- If someone says, "rock, paper, scissors," it brings to mind a childhood game.

Or a way to settle a dispute over something like who's going to drive or do the laundry.

But a group in Riverwest has taken the game to the next level.

They're creating a competitive league where everyone is welcome.

"Let's get ready to rock, paper, scissors," Evan Maruszewski announced to a crowd gathered at Company Brewing. 

On Tuesday nights, rock, paper, scissors takes center stage.

"Ladies, gentlemen and gender friends, welcome back," he said. "We feel good?"

For Maruszewski, all of the action is in the palm of your hand.

"One, two, rock, paper, scissors shoot," he instructs contestants.

"We're sort of a really traditional league," he said.

A quick refresher on the game: rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper, and paper covers rock.

"Shake off the defeat," he told the losing contestant in the first round.

Maruszewski started Milwaukee rock, paper, scissors in January.

Along with friend, Seth Copeland.

"I perform usually here, as part of this, as Dr. Funkazoid," Copeland said. 

"Doctor, you ready?" Maruszewski asked.

They welcome competitors by their fight names.

"You want to bring some swagger, some persona to it," he explained.

"That's a win for the Barber of Seville, everybody," he said.

A bracket is drawn up beforehand determining the matchups.

"Absolutely, it gets competitive," Maruszewski exclaimed. 

"People come in, and go, oh, yeah, sure. Rock, paper, scissors. And then they realize, no, yes. This is what we're doing," Copeland said.

Maruszewski takes his role as referee seriously.

"You need to reign them in sometimes. But I can't get too angry. It's an exciting sport," Maruszewski said with a laugh.

He's been excited by rock, paper, scissors for years.

"I had fallen down a rabbit hole watching rock, paper, scissors competitions online," he said. "I think that there's something very intriguing about the idea of professional, competitive rock paper scissors."

So, when he approached Copeland about creating a league, he was in.

"I said, wow. I've got nothing more important in my life that I could do, so this sounds like the opportunity for me," Copeland laughed.

"Hands on hands in rock formation," Maruszewski instructs.

He doesn't consider it child's play.

"It's a much more cerebral game than people give it credit for. Because people are very susceptible to suggestion," he said.

To demonstrate strategy, he points to Lindsay Evan Maruszewski.

"Currently my sister is the reigning champion. I know how that looks," he said. 

"Everybody seems to think that looking at me is a problem. So, I just keep making eye contact," she said of her strategy.

New players are encouraged to give it a try.

"Lots and lots of applause for Orion," he said, calling up the newest player. 

It was a first night for Orion, who came with his own cheering section.

"You can absolutely jump in, yes. And you're highly encouraged to jump in," he said of new members.

Which is essentially what Maruszewski did when he started the league.

"Just getting to hang out with Seth and do this very ridiculous thing is a lot of fun. And it is ostensibly one of the silliest things I do," he said.

"This is something that Evan has always wanted to do, and I was certainly not going to miss it," said his sister.

Players can come the first and third Tuesdays of the month.

And when the time comes, you just have to shoot.

"It adds a lot of levity to my life, which I think is really important," Maruszewski said.

"Suddenly, you're just the kid on the playground again. And that pageantry, that fellowship takes over, of the game equality of joy, participation. And just doing something with another person," Copeland added.

You can take part in Rock, Paper, Scissors at Company Brewing on the first and third Tuesdays of the month until May. For more information, click here

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