New apartment building on Milwaukee's east side will allow tenants to borrow Teslas

NOW: New apartment building on Milwaukee’s east side will allow tenants to borrow Teslas

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A new apartment building on Milwaukee's east side hopes to attract car-free tenants. The building will go up between Cambridge and Newhall on North Avenue. 

"All of these buildings will come and they will be replaced by a multi-use building," Shar Borg said, a real estate agent and developer. 

There will be 53 apartments, but not all renters will need a parking spot.

"I think there are a lot of people who don't own cars so they don't want to pay these inflated rents to pay for the cost of indoor underground parking so our idea is to appeal to those folks," Borg said. 

If tenants need to run a few errands, the property will have two cars on site they can borrow. However, not just any vehicle, but a Tesla. 

"People don't need cars all day, every day, right? You may need a car to get to the grocery store. You may need a car to go to some other venue so why not have a Tesla right here at your disposal?"

Borg says they're not trying push those away who do have cars. Some parking spots will be available on the street and indoors. Local  businesses will offer parking too.

"This way if tenants need additional parking they'll have it. We are not taking up more space by creating a new parking lot."

Borg says this type of development is perfect for the east side.

"This is the east side, people are riding bikes, skateboards, there's just not much of a demand for indoor parking space."

They're hoping to break ground late this fall.

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