Jewish families gathered at Bayshore Mall for the start of Chanukah

NOW: Jewish families gathered at Bayshore Mall for the start of Chanukah

GLENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Jewish families gathered at Bayshore Mall on Thursday, Dec. 7 for the start of Chanukah.

Long after the speeches ended, families stuck around for the music and the food, and just spending time together, because that's what Chanukah's all about.

For four-and-a-half-year-old Lucy Goldner, Chanukah's all about the fun, the gelt and the balloons. Bayshore Mall was booming as the Chanukah festival included the state's largest gelt drop.

"So, the gelt drop is when the fire truck comes and extends the ladder and they throw down chocolate gelt onto the kids and some parachutes toys and it's just a really, really fun experience for the children," said Mushka Lein from both Chabad of the East Side and Young Jewish Professionals.

"Favorite part of the night? My favorite part is the gelt drop. Okay, why? Because I love seeing all the kids fight over the gelt (giggles)," said Marrisa Ribault, who attended the event. 

For the adults, Chanukah 2023 has even more meaning.

"It's times like this that we can come together as a community and spread love," said Lindsay Goldner, celebrating Chanukah.

Looking for the world to spread love as the conflict rages on between Israel and Hamas.

Prayers are continuing for the nearly 140 hostages.

"My hope is for peace, and I pray for peace around the entire world, and that's what I'm focused on this year for Chanukah," said Jessica Edwardson, who attended the event. 

This year, Jessica Edwardsen's literally shining her light.

"Yeah, I found this sweater online and so I had to wear it to the Chanukah festival today," said Edwardsen, wearing a light up sweater. 

It was a night for dancing with LED robots and gazing at the sky for a drone light show. Mushka Lein is one of the event organizers.

"Last year's event was amazing. We did it on a Sunday. We had probably 15 hundred people and it was freezing cold, so we're expecting a lot more on this beautiful, beautiful night," said Lein.

"It's really good weather, it's amazing," said Breiny Lipskier, event volunteer.

Volunteers painted sparkly dreidels on hands, helped out with arts and crafts, and handed out warm donuts and hot chocolate.

"My favorite part of Chanukah are these big events. I love it when everyone comes together," said Lipskier.

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