'Play like you mean it': Jazz icon Delfaeyo Marsalis leads master class for MPS students

NOW: ’Play like you mean it’: Jazz icon Delfaeyo Marsalis leads master class for MPS students

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Grammy winning jazz icon and New Orleans native trombonist Delfeayo Marsalis led a masterclass for some Milwaukee High School students at Sam's Place Jazz Café.

Before his performance at the Marcus Performing Arts Center, he gave feedback to young talent musicians with Milwaukee Jazz Institute. James Ejiwale is a senior at Reagan High School and has been playing the bass for 6 years.

"I like how Delfeayo has a history from New Orleans," said Ejiwale. "He's going to bring that influence today at his performance. I would like to incorporate some rhythms to my music and share those experiences."

Sharing experiences and educating the youth is a mission Marsalis has been on for years. In 2000, he started the Uptown Musical Theatre in New Orleans.

"We started a program in 2006 right after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans called "Swinging with the Cool School" and it was our way of providing a soft introduction to jazz for a lot of students who may not be familiar with it," said Marsalis. "And we’ve expanded that so whenever we're traveling, we have the opportunity to meet some new youngsters that are trying to play the music. We love to come out and hear what they are doing, maybe give them some pointers and some tips."

Milwaukee High School of the Arts student, Nathanael Cueto plays the guitar and was ready for the experience.

"Especially a masterclass receiving feedback from a professional player," said Cueto. "My take is that I would be more experience, more opened minded to this music and more creative to this art."

It's an art that transcends the instrument and into the hearts and minds of listeners.

"The most important aspect of the music for me is the humility and also the idea of graciousness and performing for your audience as opposed to a lot of times we're learning about things that we want to do personally," said Marsalis.

Mark Davis is the Artistic Director at Milwaukee Jazz Institute and says Marsalis's visit means a lot to the young musicians.

"This is the way the music is passed along to next generation, said Davis. "My hope is that we could really energized young people in our city to really want to play music and to realize that if they practice and they get involved with this that there's a world of opportunity for them to create and be a part of this artistic endeavor playing music, playing jazz."

"The main elements would be love people, second would be love music and then third would be combine the two," said Marsalis.

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