Preventing pet stress during Pet Anxiety Awareness Month

NOW: Preventing pet stress during Pet Anxiety Awareness Month

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Pet stress is a concern among owners, particularly during the summer. Dog Training Elite owner Mary Stallman joined us on Wednesday, June 7 to discuss this matter.

June, recognized as Pet Anxiety Awareness Month, sees a surge in activities that may inadvertently increase pet anxiety. Walks, trips to the dog park or visits to pet-friendly establishments are among these.

Also, with summer a popular time for relocation, pets may experience significant stress. Stallman, in collaboration with the Falk Ruvin Gallagher real estate team, is working on the "Pets at Home" program, aimed at providing useful resources to pet parents in Milwaukee.

The program offers advice on moving with pets, local suggestions from the Falk Ruvin Gallagher team, pet-friendly events and collaborations with local organizations. On June 17, Stallman and the FRG team will be present at the Wisconsin Humane Society Pet Walk, providing further advice to pet owners.

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