Pursuit ends in multi-vehicle crash on Milwaukee's north side, 5 injured

NOW: Pursuit ends in multi-vehicle crash on Milwaukee’s north side, 5 injured

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police say five people are being treated for injuries after a pursuit ended in a crash near 76th and Villard Wednesday, Feb. 2.

Officials say the pursuit began around 1:35 p.m. near 61st and Capitol Drive when an officer observed a reckless vehicle that was also taken in an armed robbery. 

The officer attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver refused and a pursuit ensued, ending when the suspect vehicle disregarded a red light and collided at another vehicle at 76th and Villard. 

Police say the impact caused the vehicles to collide with several other vehicles. 

The driver of the fleeing vehicle, a 17-year-old Milwaukee male, was arrested and taken to an area hospital for treatment of non-fatal injuries.

Two occupants of the suspect vehicle, and two drivers of other vehicles, were also taken to an area hospital for treatment of non-fatal injuries. 

Terrifying security footage shows the moment eight cars were totaled in an instant at Hart Auto during the crash.

Vehicles, as well as the utilities, were damaged.

Workers at Hart Auto said a now-taken down Facebook live showed the people inside the vehicle before the crash.

"It happened so fast, the impact was so fast and debris was flying everywhere," said Christine Gaspardo, Hart Auto office manager.

"I looked at my cars, they were all smashed up, and then we seen the police surrounding the car at gunpoint, so we all ran back in because we didn't know if there would be shooting or not," said Hart Auto owner Larry Rowell.

Rowell said crashes and reckless driving are common at the intersection.

Gaspardo said her instincts from 15 years as an EMT kicked in, you can see her on video going to help one of the people in the back seat.

"My concern, I guess immediate, was for the people," said Gaspardo. I didn't care who it was, I didn't care what you've done, if you're injured you deserve to get treated and get helped right away just like everybody else."

Everyone at Hart Auto wishes the people who drive like this would just stop.

"These young people have to knock it off, you're killing people," said Rowell.

"There is not 'getting together' to change this, it has got to start in here," said Gaspardo, pointing to her heart. "Because a group is not going to change someone else's heart."

Rowell said fortunately the damage to the vehicles here will likely be covered by insurance.

Authorities say a firearm was recovered from the suspect. An investigation is ongoing.

Criminal charges will be referred to the Milwaukee County DA's Office in the upcoming days.

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