Racine bakery offering limited 'Christmas Cookie Kringle' starting Monday

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- As Halloween comes to an official close, an annual debate commences in many households: is too early to begin getting into the Christmas spirit, or is it more appropriate to stay prepared for fall-oriented festivities?

For one Racine bakery, their decision is clear as they are leaping directly into the Christmas season.

O&H Danish Bakery has announced the availability of their limited edition holiday flavor Christmas Cookie Kringle. The company says that they have been producing kringles for 73 years, but this Christmas variant is a limited edition that will only be sold starting Oct. 31.

The Christmas Cookie Kringle is unique for O&H as it allows them to fill traditional Kringle pastry with "butter cookie filling," made of vanilla and cookie paste. They then add festive-colored icing and holiday sprinkles, reminiscent of the cookies that adorn every Christmas party table at offices around the world.

For those insistent upon not making a Christmas purchase quite so early, O&H is also offering a Thanksgiving "stuffed" Kringle filled with pecan and cranberry filling, as well as a Brandy Old Fashioned Kringle with flavors combining brandy, caramel and cherries before being topped with vanilla icing blended with orange zest.

The Christmas Cookie Kringle will be available until Dec. 31. More information can be found by visiting O&H Danish Bakery online.

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