Racine & Me: 2023 Snowdance 10 Minute Comedy Festival

Racine & Me: 2023 Snowdance 10 Minute Comedy Festival

RACINE, WI (CBS 58) -- Rich Smith and Ron Schulz of Over Our Head Players joined us in studio to discuss the 2023 Snowdance 10 Minute Comedy Festival. 

The hit playwriting competition draws entries from around the globe. Judges choose the best to produce. Then, in the ultimate interactive experience, the audience votes on who should win the cash prize. It’s original comedy plus OOHPs' signature hijinks between plays. Utah has Sundance; Racine has Snowdance! Nine finalists were selected for performance at the "2023 Snowdance® 10 Minute Comedy Festival." Between July and October, a record-breaking 706 scripts were submitted for consideration. Playwrights from 44 states and 13 foreign countries entered the competition.

The largest number of entries came from New York, followed by California. Two of the 2023 finalists competed in previous Snowdance competitions. These original comedies will be performed together by the OOHP Snowdance® ensemble at Sixth Street Theatre in January and February. At each performance, audience members can vote for their favorite individual comedy; the audience favorites win cash prizes. THE WINNING TITLES AND THEIR AUTHORS: • Color Guard, Ned Eckhardt, Ellington, Connecticut On the high seas, courage comes in many colors. • Quack, George Sapio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A community theater actor’s character preparation puts a strain on his marriage. • Choo Choo, Robb Willoughby, Yellow Springs, Ohio An adult son unknowingly plays wing-man to his elderly mother on a blind date. • Celebrities In Space, Jessica Moss, Toronto, Canada NASA workers need to find a plan to save the space program and fast. • Too Hot to Handle, Michael L. Johnson, Racine, Wisconsin A happy couple spices up date night. • When Killer Animals Go Nuts, Michael Higgins, Oak Park, Illinois A TV narrator goes looking for love, but his narration skills sabotage his date. • The Procedure, Vince Figueroa, Milwaukee, Wisconsin A family is rocked by what should be a routine medical procedure. • The Exit Interview, Nina Kissinger, Chicago, Illinois Shortly after dying Sam meets with an employee of the afterlife. • Better Tenants, Jordan Noble, Florence, Italy Something alien is taking over the residents of Hampton Towers.

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