Racine & Me: 90s Jake performs!

Racine & Me: 90s Jake performs!

RACINE, WI (CBS 58) --Jake Shimon, better known as 90s Jake, joined Racine & Me to perform in studio!

Shimon released the following information about himself with CBS 58: 

"Nineties rock is more than just music for me. It's time travel. Every song I play holds a special place in my heart from experiences I had growing up in the 90s. I knew there was an audience out there who feels the same way and every show I'm learning just how right I was! I felt like the decade wasn't being properly represented out there in the live music scene and wanted to put my spin on it. After playing my own original music and acoustic guitar my whole career, it's been so much fun and an extremely rewarding challenge to play other bands' songs and switching to electric guitar. My goal when I started was to learn 1,000 songs. I want to be able to play every song anyone could request from back in those days. I'm very strict and only play original songs from 1990-1999. There will be no covers of covers. Written in 2000? Darn, can't play it. But even with limiting the years and bands I'll learn, the list of songs to learn grows faster and longer than I imagined. Every day I think of new songs that would be fun and get a crowd singing along." 

To connect with Jake on Facebook, click here: https://www.facebook.com/90sJakeRocks/

To connect with him on his website, click here: https://90sjake.com/

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