Racine & Me: Big Sisters of Greater Racine, Inc.

Racine & Me: Big Sisters of Greater Racine, Inc.

RACINE, WI (CBS 58) -- Big Sisters of Greater Racine offers so much to our youth. 

Le’Keya Lee joined us virtually to discuss what their organization does in the community.

The Big Sister Organization: A) An independent, voluntary organization supported by member dues ($25) and gifts from individuals, organizations, industries, foundations, and churches 1.) Yearly fundraiser—Letter campaign 2.) Occasional grants for specific activities/needs 3.) Membership dues are due at the May banquet each year B.) Began in 1968—going for over 52 years! C.) Board of directors/working board consists of 18 volunteer members D.) Staff: One part-time paid person- Director of Volunteers

A.) Big Sisters 18 and older must: 1.) Fill out an application and consent to a background check 2.) Hold a valid Wisconsin driver's license 3.) Have car available to them 4.) Show proof of car insurance 5.) Attend a mentor training 6.) Make at least a one-year commitment 7.) If the Big can’t make an event her Little wants to go to, we can assign a PAL 8.) Enrichment money is available for Littles who want to take a class or lesson 9.) Big’s Night Out is a support group held in the evenings for Big Sisters only. 

Little Sisters: A.) Are between the ages of 5 and 14 years (some exceptions apply) and: 1.) Are referred by schools, family members, or other Big Sister members 2.) Enter the program to receive friendship and guidance from a mature adult 3.) Come from various economic/cultural/religious backgrounds 4.) May stay in the program until they turn 18 or graduate from high school- whichever comes later.

IV. The Match: A.) One big sister to one little sister (some exceptions apply) B.) Matches are based on compatibility, not the order in which applications come in C.) After the first meeting, Bigs set up the times for all future dates directly with the parents of the Little Sister V.) How the Process Works: A.) Applications for Bigs/Littles come into the office B.) Interviews are conducted with Littles to see what kind of Big would fit them best C.) Reference/background checks are conducted for Big Sister applicants D.) When a match is found, the Big Sister and Director of Volunteers meet at Little’s home to introduce everyone and sign paperwork E.) All parties exchange contact info F.) Big Sisters take their new Little Sister out for a short time G.) Within the week, the Director follows up with the Big and the Little to see how the first meeting went, and then we decided whether or not to make it a permanent match! 

Follow them here: Big Sisters of Racine – Changing lives two by two. (bigsistersracine.org)

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