Racine & Me: WHS Hope’s Lights Campaign

Racine & Me: WHS Hope’s Lights Campaign

RACINE, WI (CBS 58) -- If you'd like to help an animal in need this holiday season, you can donate to the Wisconsin Humane Society's Hope’s Lights Campaign. 

WHS invites you to help us kick off the season of giving with a gift to Hope's Lights. In December, our shelters will be lit with thousands of holiday lights in honor of beloved animals.

You can purchase a light in honor of a pet, a wild animal, or you can donate in memory or honor of a loved one. A gift to Hope’s Lights means animals in our care have the chance to heal, thrive, and have a shot at a happy life. It means hope, and the opportunity to find a loving home. A gift to Hope’s Lights can give dogs like Chaos a chance. 3-year-old Chaos arrived at WHS weak, thin, dehydrated, and covered in scrapes and sores from tongue to tail. He had patches of missing fur, inflamed skin, and was fighting to keep anything down despite being desperately hungry and thirsty.

Our veterinary team started him on IV fluids and began treating him for nausea while running tests in order to build a comprehensive care plan. He began a special diet, and we treated the open sores throughout his mouth. Chaos got a series of medicated baths to heal his skin and help regrow his patchy fur. He also received special care to save his tail from amputation. It had been so raw and bloody that we initially feared it was beyond repair.

Thanks to the support of caring donors, things began to turn around for this sweet boy. He was eating and drinking again, the wounds across his body started to heal, and his ever-wagging tail began improving in ways that surpassed all expectations. Chaos’ recovery didn’t just heal his body, it healed his spirit. He regained his playful demeanor, and after just one month at WHS, he gained an impressive 22 pounds and looked like a brand-new dog.

Today, he is living with a wonderful family, and that lovable personality is shining brighter than ever!

Even a single light will make a real difference in the life of an animal, like Chaos.

• $25 makes a light shine. • $100 brightens a strand of lights. • $250 illuminates a wreath. • $500 lights an entire tree. To learn more about Hope’s Lights, or to make a donation, please visit our website, wihumane.org.

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