Series of random attacks near Bay View's Humboldt Park prompts increased police presence

NOW: Series of random attacks near Bay View’s Humboldt Park prompts increased police presence

BAY VIEW, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Lifelong Bay View residents are looking over their shoulders after a series of random attacks, at least one in broad daylight. 

Police have increased patrols in the Bay View area, specifically near Humboldt Park, where the attacks occurred.

A spike in assaults in and around Humboldt Park has worried those who frequent it.

"It's kind of put me on edge just walking through the neighborhood even in the middle of the day," said lifelong resident Jack Morgan.

The first random assault was reported March 17. Police believe the same man who hit a 51-year-old woman near Howell and Dewey around dusk did the same to a 31-year-old woman minutes later, three blocks away.

"We're such a close community here in Bay View and just to hear that's happening, it's heartbreaking," said Ashley Sluder, another lifelong resident.

Although all the attacks are near the park on Howell Avenue, Idaho Street and Oklahoma, police believe more than one person is to blame.

The victims, who were all struck, range in age from 31-71. Most are women. Ashley Sluder knows one of them.

“She was approached from behind and asked if she had change and she said I don’t carry money,” said Sluder. "And then the gentlemen walked behind her and that made her a little uneasy but she didn’t want to you know, judge, and then he just came up on her. Next thing she knew she was on the ground.”

A self defense coach says the best thing to do if you're approached is be loud and be confident. 

“Setting good boundaries with your voice and with your posture,” said Paul Chay of Chay’s Tae Kwon Do in Racine.

He demonstrated what to do if grabbed from behind.

“We’re just picking vital areas. I’m striking to the face, nose area, groin area and a lot depends on distance. Maybe he’s really close to me, maybe grabbing my shirt, I’m doing knees, then striking to the face as I make space, kicking to the groin and then getting to safety,” said Chay.

Milwaukee police have already made two arrests related to the Bay View assaults, but believe at least one more suspect is out there.

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