Snow check after the weekend's big snow

NOW: Snow check after the weekend’s big snow

All of southeast Wisconsin saw snow over this past weekend with anywhere from 2-4" in our northern counties to 7-11" in the Milwaukee/Waukesha metro areas. It was the biggest snow of the season so far.

Milwaukee officially picked up 7.9" of snowfall from Saturday night through early Sunday morning. It was the biggest snow in Milwaukee since just after Valentine's Day in 2021 - almost two years ago! 

The snowfall Saturday into Sunday was the end of a week where we finally started to see snow chances return to southeast Wisconsin. We picked up more snow over the last week than we did for the rest of the season before it. Since last Sunday Milwaukee picked up 12.9" of snowfall compared to only 7.9" the rest of the season. Milwaukee will end January just a few tenths below-average on snowfall but for the season we still have a snow deficit close to 7". 

As of Tuesday morning we have no good snow chances in the 7-day forecast, but download the CBS 58 Ready Weather app to see if any snow chances show up.

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