Social media poster threatens to 'shoot up' Greendale Middle School, later determined to be a false alarm

GREENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Greendale Police responded to a threat in which a social media poster threatened to "shoot up" Greendale Middle School on Monday, Nov. 28.

Upon their investigation, it was determined that there was never any credible threat to the school.

GPD found that the display name used on the social media profile was from a person who did not even exist, although the person who created the fake account was identified as a student. That child is being referred to the Milwaukee County Children's Center for further charges.

In a Tuesday, Nov. 29 press release, GPD took an opportunity to stress the importance of "talking with your children about the dangers of social media and the serious consequences that may result from making threats against the school."

Officials also reminded children that if they receive a suspicious or threatening message, they should speak out by immediately contacting local police.

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