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Steve Hartman offers 'Kindness 101' course online for free

Broadcast journalist Steve Hartman kicked off his free online class for kids on Monday, March 23.

Hartman calls it "Kindness 101" and it's something a little different from the usual class that teaches math, English or science. 

Monday's lesson was about character. The class starts at 1 p.m. Wisconsin time, and you can find it everyday this week on Facebook Live, HERE

Watch Monday's lesson below: 

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Shari 3 days ago
Any captions available for the deaf community?
sealifehawaii 12 days ago
Thanks Steve and family for doing this segment. As a preschool teacher, teaching kindness is my top priority. I suggested my families watch your segments but they seem geared toward older children but hopefully they will get some things from watching. I will be encouraging them to start with their own class. They can definitely send pictures and do video chats. I look forward to seeing tonight and tomorrow's segments. Aloha from Hawaii!
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