Teen found guilty on 3 of 4 charges for 2021 assault on 87-year-old woman

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Waukesha teenager charged with assault and robbing an 87-year-old Waukesha woman has been found guilty on three of four counts against him.

A jury found 15-year-old Khalil Perry guilty of armed robbery, armed carjacking and kidnapping with a dangerous weapon.

The first count of sexual assault was a mistrial after prosecutors proposed stopping the jury amid deliberations to give the victim a sense of finality.

Jurors told the judge they were stuck on the first count for at least two hours.

Perry did not show any emotion as the verdict was read.

Khalil Perry was 14 years old in November 2021 when he was outside the Waukesha Public Library. The victim in this case, an 87-year-old woman at the time, was having difficulty dropping off books at the library's dropbox when she asked Perry for help.

CBS 58 is not publishing the name of the victim given the nature of the incident's details.

Perry helped the woman with the books, but then the interaction turned violent quickly.

"I didn't know her at all," Perry told detectives during an interrogation, which was shown via video to the jury during the trial. "She was so old I thought I could take advantage of her and take her car, and that was like, the most devilish, I don't know what came over me."

Perry took a knife he had and threatened the woman to get into the passenger's seat of her car.

"I said, 'oh, dear God, please save me, please help me, please please help me,'" the woman said during her testimony, remembering the encounter.

Perry drove the car away from the library and took the vehicle to a different parking lot. There he threatened the woman and forced her to commit a sex act.

"He had the knife and he kind of pushed it and he said, 'do it or I'll slit your throat,'" the woman said.

During the trial, the jury was shown the knife Perry used, surveillance video showing Perry and the woman in a vehicle entering a parking lot and DNA test results as well as testimony from police and other officials.

The DNA test results showed traces of Perry's DNA mixed with samples of the woman's DNA and vice-versa.

On Friday, attorneys delivered closing arguments.

"I don't know if what she described would be physically possible," Perry's defense attorney told the jury, discussing skepticism of the victim's account of what happened. "How does that get accomplished with no injury whatsoever?"

Prosecutors highlighted their strongest points in their closing arguments to jurors.

"When I said, 'hey [victim's name], did you voluntarily give your property to him?' 'No, I traded my property for my life,'" Attorney Michael Thurston said.

He later added, "On top of it all, do we end there? Do we stop there? What else do we have? We've got the DNA evidence."

Sentencing is scheduled for June 30.

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