'Think we can get it done': Brewers fans remain hopeful going into Game 2

NOW: ’Think we can get it done’: Brewers fans remain hopeful going into Game 2

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Brewers fans made a lot of noise early in Tuesday night's game, and we expect they'll do the same Wednesday night. 

With an hour before the first pitch, and the season on the brink, we wanted a vibe check from these fans. 

"I feel confident. They should've had it last night. They just couldn't bring 'em in, I feel that's gonna change," said one fan. 

"It will definitely be a lot tougher, but I definitely think we can get it done. We've done it before, and I think the fans will definitely help with that."

Tyler Kohn drove in from Weston, Wisconsin to see the Brewers. He told us Tuesday's loss was tough. 

"Just another blown opportunity, I guess," he said. "We left a lot of people on base. But you have to look forward to the next game and be hopeful, I guess."

Jeremiah Jahnke, of Oshkosh, told us, "I'm feeling pretty confident. I feel confident in Freddy Peralta tonight. I'm just kind of worried about tomorrow. See if we can get tonight, though. Gotta take it one game at a time."

Brian Haagensen dyes his beard blue all season long, which is why he's known as the "Blue Beard Guy."

He said, "I'm okay right now. I don't think it's going to be that big a deal. Yesterday there were a couple little hiccups I didn't like."

Game 2 of the Wild Card series against the Diamondbacks begins at 6:08 p.m. at American Family Field. 

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