'This is an organization that got kicked in the gut': Major comeback for the Milwaukee Street Angels

NOW: ’This is an organization that got kicked in the gut’: Major comeback for the Milwaukee Street Angels

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --The Milwaukee Street Angels are now driving on cloud nine. The non-for-profit organization unveiled their brand new bus. It's a big deal for the crew. It's their transportation to help serve the less fortunate. 

New wheels to help serve hot meals. Wednesday morning, March 30, the Milwaukee Street Angels introduced their new bus to the community. It's a major comeback after one of their buses was set on fire Sunday, Jan. 20. 

"It was a terrible loss of the first bus and it was very devastating for us," Eva Welch said. She is the executive co-director.

"Out of the ashes, Hope will arise" is now on the back of the bus. There are also flames symbolizing a tragedy they all overcame. 

"Watching the bus burn was kind of like watching our dreams burn. If our dreams are fulfilled, means that people aren’t hungry," Welch said. 

Businesses and organizations all stepped up to help the Street Angels continue their dreams.

The Daily Bird was the first business to raise money. The Strattec Foundation also made a generous donation that ultimately purchased the bus. 

This is an organization that got kicked in the gut and needed some help, so we are glad to donate the money," said Patrick Hansen with Strattec Security Corp.

The new bus has taken a load off. They've worked out of a mini van the past two months. The Hunger Task Force is sharing their van until the Street Angels' second bus is fixed. It also suffered extensive damage.

"It's been a struggle, but we haven't skipped a beat. There are people out here who are waiting to eat, so we make sure that we get that," Welch said. 

The Street Angels are adding new lights and installing cameras. They moved the buses to the other side of the parking lot so the fire department can keep a close eye.

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