Tinsel and plants could injure pets during the holidays -- here's what to look out for when decorating

NOW: Tinsel and plants could injure pets during the holidays -- here’s what to look out for when decorating

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- If you're gearing up to decorate your house for the holidays, it may mean bringing out boxes of holiday decor from storage; animal experts are reminding people to put their pets first, and don't overlook the dangers in all of the holiday cheer. 

"Especially breakable ornaments," said Angela Speed, Vice President of Marketing & Communications with the Wisconsin Humane Society. "They can cause all sorts of injuries."

Dogs and cats are known to be curious. And with new items, that could mean more snooping and chewing. 

"Ingestion of plants like holly, mistletoe, even the pine tree if, you're putting up a Christmas tree," said Speed. "Or if they get into things like tinsel or ornaments, those can cause significant intestinal blockages, choking or all sorts of gastrointestinal upset." 

Speed says it's especially important to keep new, young pets away from these dangers until you know how they'll react. 

"Throughout Southeast Wisconsin right now there's definitely a veterinary shortage, so you want to be extra careful. Because it can be really hard to get into an ER this time of year, and there can be long waits, so make sure to keep your pets safe this Holiday season."

Speed says any time you bring a new plant in your house you should check to make sure it's not poisonous to your pets. 


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