Town of Eagle devastated by storms, bracing for round 2

NOW: Town of Eagle devastated by storms, bracing for round 2

EAGLE, Wis. (CBS 58) --- Clean-up is underway in the Town of Eagle after storms left a wake of destruction Tuesday, Aug. 10. 

“It was pretty scary, I mean my mom was acting very crazy and trees were falling down,” said 8-year-old Avery, whose family home had several down trees and a destroyed deck.

“When I heard the noise I told the kids (to) get in the basement, so we ran down there,” said Avery’s mom, Amy Kuiper.

A microburst produced 80 mile-per-hour winds that ripped through the Town of Eagle.

“We went in the basement in our safest room, it was all made out of cement,” said 7-year-old River.

The storm took down powerlines and trees, some of which damaged homes.

“It looks like one big monster came and crushed all the trees,” said 7-year-old Ryker.

One massive tree uprooted, but fortunately fell away from the home.

“It was a relief, but then I saw the hole it left and the basement brick and thought oh no, now what? Flooding?” said homeowner Vicki Schaenzer.

On the lake, boats, lifts, and docks are mangled.

“We saw kayaks and things like that flying past our window,” said Amy Weast.

“Our pontoon which was on the lift, flipped over, right on top of our speed boats,” Weast’s husband Dan added. “So all boats, gone.”

Most people were without power on Wednesday and trying to clean up, all while bracing for another round of storms.

“I have another large cottonwood that’s got a crack in it from the storms last evening and I’m afraid that tree will come down as well,” Schaenzer said.

“This is a great neighborhood, people are awesome and we get through these things together,” said Chuck Kuiper, whose home had several down trees.

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