Trial begins for former firefighter accused in fatal Third Ward shooting

NOW: Trial begins for former firefighter accused in fatal Third Ward shooting


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It all started with an argument about basketball in a Third Ward bar two years ago. 

Tuesday, the trial began for Caesar Fuentes, the former fireman charged with killing Andra Nicholson Jr. 

A jury of 13 was selected on Monday for Caesar Fuentes' trial. 

Only 12 jurors showed up to court Tuesday morning. 

We heard opening statements and witness testimony, with Fuentes' attorney claiming he acted in legal self-defense when he shot and killed Andra Nicholson on Dec. 6, 2020.

Fuentes' attorney says he believed Nicholson was going to shoot him after an argument. He saw Nicholson reach toward his waistband, and Fuentes used his own legally owned pistol to fire six shots at Nicholson.

It all started inside the now-closed Site1A bar in the Third Ward, when Nicholson and Fuentes began arguing about high school basketball. They did not know each other.

Attorneys say Nicholson punched Fuentes, then left the bar, heading to a nearby alley where he called his uncle.

Just after 3 a.m., Fuentes saw Nicholson and shot him while he was still on the phone.

Nicholson's uncle called his parents, who arrived at the scene, and each called 911.

In court Tuesday, the jury, judge and attorneys heard the 911 calls as well as testimony from Nicholson's parents, both extremely emotional as they recounted their son's final moments.

Other evidence shown in court Tuesday included officer bodycam footage, scene diagrams and photos and gunshot wound images.

The trial will continue Wednesday.

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