Try more than 50 alcohol-free drinks at the 2024 N/A Day festival in Milwaukee

NOW: Try more than 50 alcohol-free drinks at the 2024 N/A Day festival in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- For the third year in a row, Milwaukee Record is hosting N/A Day. It's a festival dedicated to non-alcoholic drinks in honor of Dry January. 

This year there are more than 24 vendors that will be at the festival, and guests can try more than 50 different drinks -- from N/A seltzers to CBD-infused mixers.

Canni Cafe and Infusion Bar owner Colin Plant says people are looking to have fewer bad days in 2024. 

"Just people saying, 'I don't like drinking anymore, the hangovers get worse and worse,'" said Plant. 

Matt Sievers is the creator of System Seltzers, another vendor that will be at the festival. 

"We just saw drinking habits shifting and changing," said Sievers, of why he decided to leave the local beer company that he worked at in Milwaukee for more than a decade. "Slowly, people are opting into more N/A options." 

System offers packs of seltzers that range in alcohol volume from zero to eight. 

Plant says the trend of giving up alcohol is going beyond January. Many people are carrying it throughout the year. 

"We are seeing, and have seen, just a growing trend and demo of people that are just done with alcohol, and a lot of factors can contribute to that, but Dry January certainly just kicks that number up a bit and the people that visit us and share their stories." 

The event goes from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at The Cooperage on Saturday, Jan. 6. Tickets are $20 ahead of time and $30 at the door. Sampling of more than 50 beverages is included with the ticket.  

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