Ukrainian, Polish Wisconsinites react to Biden's Ukraine visit

NOW: Ukrainian, Polish Wisconsinites react to Biden’s Ukraine visit

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Local Ukrainian and Polish communities say they're glad to see strong support for Ukraine during the ongoing Russian invasion.

President Joe Biden is visiting Poland Tuesday, and visited Ukraine Monday.

"I thought that he was going to Poland, like everybody else," said Borysenko.

Dina Borysenko says she, and many others in the Ukrainian community in Wisconsin and overseas, were shocked at what Biden did Monday.

"Going to a territory that's actively in a war zone, that speaks a lot about him," said Borysenko.

Biden's visit comes at a time when talk about the war has become less common in the public sphere.

Polish Heritage Alliance Executive Director Jeff Kuderski says it's still top of mind for those overseas and here locally, however.

"I actually know contacts in Poland, and they actually have brochures being printed out about what to do about the war and stuff like that, and they are taking precautions, but the biggest thing right now is they're trying to be supportive," said Kuderski.

That support is for Ukrainian refugees and fighters pushing back against Russia.

He says having American leadership visit Poland as well is a good sign.

"It's good to see the support, it's very important," said Kuderski..

Borysenko says the past year has been hard.

"A year later, we now know quite a bit of people who have died and sacrificed their life," said Borysenko.

Looking forward, with the support of the U.S. and other western countries, there's hope Ukrainians could see peace in the coming year.

"There is hope, because when the year started it was very unclear how Ukraine can win, but now I don't think it's a matter of if Ukraine is going to win, but when," said Borysenko.

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