Union members praise Biden’s appearance at Laborfest

NOW: Union members praise Biden’s appearance at Laborfest

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Hundreds of union members and their families marched to the Summerfest grounds to hear President Biden speak on Labor Day and to celebrate at Laborfest.

"[We're] celebrating the people that get out there and they grind, every day they work hard, do things for their family, because everything we do is ultimately for them," said John Quinonez with Laborers Local 113.

He was one of many out celebrating.

Other Local 113 members, like Axel Rivera, say Labor Day is important for reminding people of all the work that goes into the country's infrastructure.

"We wouldn't have highways, we wouldn't have buildings, we wouldn't have most of this stuff," said Rivera, gesturing to the numerous bridges nearby. "So you know, you gotta celebrate what we created, working together as a family."

They were also there to hear President Joe Biden speak.

"This shows that he supports and it's on his mind and he cares," commented Quinonez.

Workers like John Schmitt, former president business manager of Wisconsin Laborer's District Council, said Biden's Build Back Better plan has unions recruiting en masse.

"[The President and his staff are] here to try and explain to working men and women, the union members, that they're the ones that are getting the work for us," said Schmitt. "This infrastructure bill is just phenomenal."

He says the jobs mean living wages for potentially thousands of people, something he's happy about.

"I'm not just talking about union people too, this is work for all types of construction, road construction, a lot of work for us, and I think they're just trying to come here and say this is what President Biden is trying to do for working men and women."

The last time a president visited Wisconsin for Laborfest was when President Obama visited in 2014.

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